Summary :

Forum is an umbrella body for your local community and Residents associations to primarily seek to retain conditions 3 (d) and 5 of the runway planning conditions granted to the DAA in 2007.   These conditions restrict the operation of Dublin Airport at night only and limit the No of planes to an average of 65 per night when the new runway is operational!
The DAA don't want any night  time restrictions and are hoping that a new EU law called Regulation 598/14 will help them use the Airport 24/7 !  Minister Shane Ross is adoptimg this Regulation into Irish law and when enacted the Irish Aviation Authority will have the power to over turn the 2007 planning conditions.

What does this mean for you ?  ......It could affect you in many ways

1) The DAA wish to turn Dublin into an international HUB means more planes at night ...more noise and less sleep for you and your families! 
2) Dublin Airport is one of the least regulated airports in Europe ... Most EU Airports of a similar size or bigger have all sorts of night time restrictions including Curfews, Noise quotas, noise fines , Higher landing charges at night etc etc.  Dublin Airport  is discounting night time charges to encourage more planes to land at night thats just  encouraging more flights and even more noise 
3)  ICAO regulations require planes to diverge by 15 Degrees upon take off when 2 parallel runways are in operation . Therefore while you might not be directly under a flight path you may be when the 2nd runway is built .  As neither the DAA or the IAA have produced any diverged flight paths and  noise contour maps  no one knows just how many will be affected right this minute!
4)When  EU Regulation 598/14 is enacted you have lost the guaranteed protection given under the 2007 conditions of An Bord are at the mercy of the IAA who will have absolute authority and dont even have to take the advise of the DAA, Fingal CC or the EPA provided they can give a reasonable explanation
FOR the DAA its Just Business but for Local Communities its personal ....Do you want to put up with unrestricted night time flights and the endless noise ?  How will this affect your family and young childrens nights sleep!